Designed, engineered and manufactured in The Netherlands


  • Automatic 8-speed or manual 6 speed gearbox.
  • High and low gear.
  • Permanent 4 wheel drive.
  • Centre-lock and differential-locks.
  • In low gear, 4 wheel steering, up till 30 km/h for high manoeuvrability. (Wall to wall 11.5M)
  • Standard supplied with ring weapon mount .50 call and front weapon mount .30 call.
  • Spear wheel below rear. With integrated winch adapter and towing-hook STANAG 4101.
  • Front and rear recovery adaptors according to STANAG 4478.
  • Separated IP 67 24V electrical circuits (STANAG 2601) for engine and on-board power supply, switchable for recovery.
  • Power supply with 2 alternators 2.2 kW. Multiple battery packs with battery management and main switch.
  • On-board hydraulics for steering system, optional hydraulic lifting studs and height adjusters.
  • Lighting STANAG 4381.
  • Vehicle is EMC, LEMP, TEMPEST certified according to STANAG 4370 and AECTP 250 and 500. And Radhaz according to STANAG 2345
  • Winch capacity 5500 kg, cable length of min. 25 meters.
  • Ergonomics according to NEN 5518, Fully adjustable seating and steering system.
  • Approach angle 46°, depart angle 42°, ramp-over angle 153°, ground clearance 300 mm.
  • Stretcher support integrated according to STANAG 2040 (TALON-90C)
  • Standard configuration is with softtop.
  • 120L Fuel capacity.
  • Military road legislation according to European 1994 standards.
  • Wheel/tire configurations with Run-flat system, Finabel A-20A tested.
  • Snow tires or snow chains compatible.
  • Technical documentations for ILM, OLM and DLM according to NEN 5509 and GAPL structure.

Light Tactical Vehicle Movie

Optionally the vehicle can be supplied with:

  • Radio/Communications rack.
  • Storage case in trunk.
  • Heated front seats.
  • Pre-heating system for -40°C use.
  • Infrared lights, front and rear.
  • Weapon mounts inside car for transportation.
  • Hydraulic lifting studs
  • Hydraulic height adjusters.
  • On-board 12V circuit with battery management.

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